Used Cars in Grand Rapids Michigan

Used Cadillac Models

Borgman Ford Mazda has some of the best used vehicles in West Michigan. Check out these Cadillac models, then see if they’re in stock by checking our current inventory!

Used Cadillac ATS
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

The Cadillac ATS is a sport sedan that’s as nimble and exhilarating as it is luxurious and technologically advanced. The ATS benchmarks the best and aims even higher.

Used Cadillac CTS
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

The CTS Coupe is the ultimate expression of Cadillac’s commitment to performance driving and dramatic design with its sculpted shape and clean lines.

Used Cadillac DeVille
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

Cadillac’s flagship front-wheel-drive sedan is capable of seating up to six occupants. The DeVille may be a Cadillac of the old school, but comes with plenty of gadgets.

Used Cadillac DTS
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

The Cadillac DTS was a full-size luxury sedan with a uniquely chiseled profile that stood out from the rest. The DTS was a smooth and sophisticated driving experience.

Used Cadillac Eldorado
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

A true driver’s luxury coupe, the Cadillac Eldorado integrated the best in performance and handling characteristics. The Eldorado provided plenty of comfort and convenience.

Used Cadillac Escalade
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

The Cadillac Escalade.  It is the standard by which all other luxury SUVs are measured, thanks to its luxurious interior, impressive technology and powerful presence.

Used Cadillac Seville
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

The Cadillac Seville was a powerful full-size performance sedan that combined responsive power and athletic grace together with brilliant engineering and design.

Used Cadillac SRX
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

Seemingly sculpted from a single block of steel, the Cadillac SRX stands deliberately apart in world of look-alike crossovers. The design is pure and powerful Cadillac.

Used Cadillac STS
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

With sharp lines and a commanding profile, the Cadillac STS was truly a driver’s luxury sedan. Engineered to perfection, the STS added a new level of performance to the category.

Used Cadillac XLR
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

Cadillac XLR was a luxury roadster with true performance roots. Signature Cadillac design cues such as the bold front grille, vertical headlamps, and body-side character line seal the deal.

Used Cadillac XTS
in Grand Rapids, Michigan >>

The Cadillac XTS is a bold look at the future. Stunningly modern, yet meticulously crafted. Powerful, yet efficient. Tautly proportioned, yet spacious. The XTS accelerates you well into tomorrow.


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